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7 Hacks for Focusing in an Online Class

7 Hacks for Focusing in an Online Class 1

You don’t have to drop out of your online study (belajar online) program if you keep drifting in and out of your online class. You’re not alone in this; most people studying online experience the same thing.

Many people struggle to stay focused while studying online because, despite the best efforts of the tutors, the online classroom environment isn’t engaging enough to maintain their attention span.

Also, you might be finding it difficult to concentrate because you are not enjoying the classes entirely. Here are some things you can do to improve your attention span and enjoy your online class (kelas online).

  1. Have a Daily Routine

Everyone will tell you that you should have a daily routine for your online classbecause doing anything consistently is how you build habits that last. If you can consistently maintain this daily routine of studying online at an allotted time every day, your body adapts to it. In addition, it gives you a kind of mental reminder that you’re supposed to do something.

Keep a physical notepad where you can jot down important points and things you want to remember. By writing down things you want to remember, you’re concentrating on your class and extracting valuable information, and guess what that means? You’ve been paying attention. 

Your online class is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t complete all of your courses and fully comprehend everything simultaneously, so why not take breaks in between classes? For example, instead of a two-hour lecture, take a 30-minute break in between where you can get up and do something to help you feel refreshed. If you don’t take a break, you’ll be mentally exhausted, and even if you complete the course, there’s a good chance you won’t remember most of it.

Make sure your gadgets are working flawlessly before you start yourclass. Faulty devices can stress you out and divert your attention from your class.

If you’re in a chaotic environment where people can just walk in and distract you, or you won’t have a lot of luck focusing on your online class. Create a study space where you have your online classes without being disturbed, and let people know it’s not okay to walk into your study space whenever you’re in it.

Mute notifications from apps you’re not using to study to avoid distractions during your online study. If you’re using a different device for studying than you do for other activities, put the other devices away until study time is over.

Interacting with your coursemates and tutors is a great way to have fun and concentrate while taking an virtual class. While in class, ask questions and contribute. It’s difficult to be distracted from your class when you’re constantly engaging with it.

Bottom Line

Almost everyone has a low attention span when studying online. Still, you can improve your attention span and focus by avoiding distractions and engaging your mind while attending your online classes.

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